Empowering Innovators and Innovations


Leviossa is about Human Capital, Innovation and Services.

Human Capital: We at Leviossa believe in enhancing human potential. We are passionate about possibilities of technology in changing lives. More than creating innovations, it pays to create innovators. Its like taking leverage. We go about creating innovators while our traditional education system struggles to keep pace with the developments in most fields. Some large names like Google and Facebook have stopped making it mandatory for us to have a degree to be employed [ check this out ]

Innovation: Have you heard of people who have brilliant business ideas or product ideas? We all have them. We all know people with ideas. However how many actually chase and implement them. Take the risks. That is what we do. Curate ideas, fund it and take it to completion.

Services: Well we all need bread and butter to keep going. Services give us the opportunity to chase the other two goals we have.

We at Leviossa are constantly learning, researching and teaching. Creating innovators and innovations. Putting the spirit in innovators. There is a difference!