Welcome to Leviossa. We are a group of highly specialized professionals offering IT services. Yes we can be called a company too. Ever wanted to deal with an expert professional who could contribute 20 or 200 hours a week based on your needs? Tired of dealing with substandard staff of a small company? This is what we at Leviossa offer - the feel of dealing with an expert professional who seems to have endless hours for your project. Very scalable and very specialized both at once.


What we do

IT Services:

Java, PHP, Alfresco, Mobile Development, Python, Perl

Web and non-web solutions.

We can be the IT back bone and the MIS department of your business.


"There is nothing like impossible in these guys vocabulary. Give them time and they will build anything" - Fred, Joanes Consulting

"I am a coder myself for 20 years. Felt a bit embarrassed when they kept correcting my code everytime. I decided to stop coding and let them take over for good. I am happy I finally found someone whom I dont have to guide all the time" - Masomi, Objects LLC.